Arnaud Monnier is a French Digital Pioneer. He founded one of the first Digital Commerce Agency in 1997 : altima°.

Before altima° joined Accenture Interactive in 2017, he expanded his agency with 8 offices from France to China, Russia, USA and Canada and built a team of 400 passionate talents in Consulting, Design, Marketing & Tech. “Experience Architect” with a strong background in e-commerce, he has covered for years most expertises of the industry: Strategy, UX & design, Plateforms Integration, SEA & SEO, CRO, analytics, CRM…

Whilst Arnaud believes image and brand is key, he firmly believes all digital projects need to deliver a true (& measurable) business performance.
Arnaud and his team won more than 50 major international awards during his career: Ecommerce Trophees (Paris), Lovies Awards (London), Webby Awards (NYC), CDA awards (Paris)…

During his career he served the cause of numerous international Digital Accelerator Programs, he is currently a volunteer Mentor for Plug and Play TechCenter Innovation Program in Europe (Sustainability, Brand & Retail, FinTech) and for the Retail Booster Accelerator at EuraTechnologies.

Arnaud currently leads “Seed for Good” a Venture Capital company focused on “Impact Investing” and he served large International Companies & Start-up or Scale-up as Senior Advisor or Corporate Director.”

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Our mission is to help entrepreneurs who lead initiatives to build a more responsible, sustainable and safer world.

We invest in early-stage start-ups in pre-seed, seed and series-A rounds with a « smart money » mindset. We help future leaders reach their goals with the most impact they can achieve.

We do not invest in foodtech or agtech, in deeptech or an other business trend outside of these four specific areas.

Our investment thesis only focuses on 4 segments:

Ecology & Climate

Ecology & Climate

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Health & Safety

Health & Safety

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Solidarity & Handicap

Solidarity & Mobility

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Responsible industries

Responsible industries

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Who we are

Seed for good is a private company founded by Arnaud Monnier who is an entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience across the globe.
Beyond his role as an entrepreneur, Arnaud founded Seed For Good and has been helping entrepreneurs for over 15 years. Seed for good has invested in more than 40 successful companies in the tech & sustainability sector.

To share a few success stories from the last five years:

Light-on – 2016 investment in the hardware industry - is a technology company developing novel optics-based computing hardware. Light-on's ambition is to significantly reduce the time and energy required to make sense of the world around us.
Prose - 2017 investment in the cosmetic industry - (B-Corp company) Prose products are made-to-order and contribute to reducing pollution and waste.
Logipren – 2018 Investment in the healthtech software industry - Logipren is a community medical platform that helps neonatologists for health professionals with their prescription medications and parenteral nutrition to protect baby's health.

What we do


We invest at an early-stage in preseed, seed, and series-A rounds in responsible Start-up focused on ecology & climate change, health & safety, solidarity & mobility, and sustainability, responsible industries. We do not invest in other sectors.

We have a strong focus on :
  • The entrepreneur and the team
  • The pioneer business model (no follower model)
  • The ability to scale for a stronger impact and to fulfill our purpose
  • Real, proven innovation in usage, technology, or business model.

We help future leaders reach their goals with the most impact they can achieve. We focus on Start-up in Europe, North America, notably the USA and Canada.

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